Aug 01

Tracing an Oracle EXPDP

With the EXPDP command, you can add the TRACE= parameter.

The TRACE parameter takes a 7-digit hexadecimal mask.  The first three digits enable tracing for a specific Data Pump component, while the last four digits are usually: 0300.

Normally, TRACE=480300 is sufficient.

To trace EVERYTHING (main component plus worker threads), use TRACE=1FF0300.


Taken from Oracle Document ID 286496.1:


— Summary of Data Pump trace levels:
— ==================================

Trace   DM   DW  ORA  Lines
level  trc  trc  trc     in
(hex) file file file  trace                                         Purpose
——- —- —- —- —— ———————————————–
10300    x    x    x  SHDW: To trace the Shadow process (API) (expdp/impdp)
20300    x    x    x  KUPV: To trace Fixed table
40300    x    x    x  ‘div’ To trace Process services
80300    x            KUPM: To trace Master Control Process (MCP)      (DM)
100300    x    x       KUPF: To trace File Manager
200300    x    x    x  KUPC: To trace Queue services
400300         x       KUPW: To trace Worker process(es)                (DW)
800300         x       KUPD: To trace Data Package
1000300         x       META: To trace Metadata Package
——- ‘Bit AND’
1FF0300    x    x    x  ‘all’ To trace all components          (full tracing)


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