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Apr 30

Using python to repair data sources

This is really here for me to remember these. ¬†But two lines of python code can be used to change the data source of your current MXD. ¬†Thanks to Malcolm Lobley of Delo Solutions for this tip.   mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(“CURRENT”) mxd.replaceWorkspaces(“”, “”, r’Database Connections\Connection To SDE.sde’, “SDE_WORKSPACE”)    

Feb 01

PostgreSQL Series, Part 1: Installation and Configuration

Geographic Database Consulting is running a multi-part series on utilizing PostgreSQL for your Geodatabase storage needs. This chapter will focus on the installation and configuration of PostgreSQL for hosting a Geodatabase. For this blog, I will be installing PostgreSQL on a Virtual Machine running Oracle Linux 64-bit, which is binary compatible with Redhat. You can …

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Jan 20

Life in the Fast Lane

Geographic Database Consulting president Jeff Buturff recently wrote a guest blog post for You can view that blog post here:

Jan 04

Direct Connect made EZ at ArcGIS 10.1

As ESRI pushes more customers toward using Direct Connect, the biggest push back I see is the complexity of dealing with the Oracle client. Installing the full Oracle client on every client machine can be a daunting task, as well as configuring TNSNAMES entries. Oracle recently introduced their “Instant Client” package, which greatly simplifies the …

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Mar 26

ESRI Developer Summit 2009

I am finishing up my trip to Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit.  Fantastic week, learned a LOT, met several new technical contacts and had an enjoyable time.  These are my Dev Summit highlights. The biggest news I got out of the summit was that the GDB schema in ArcSDE 9.4 is going from …

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Jun 28

ArcSDE 9.3

Well, I have started doing some testing on ArcGIS 9.3. First up: let’s try PostgreSQL, since I’ve never touched it before. Should be interesting. So I visit, and start poking around on how I install this thing. What version do I need? No clue. I see one entry that says there is a third …

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May 08

oracle and SDE

With the release of Oracle, I have begun full-scale testing. I know ESRI recommends staying away from this patch, at least if you are using ST_GEOMETRY and/or Oracle Spatial data ( Most of my sites are not using ST_GEOMETRY, so I want to test this release. This patch fixes a couple of Oracle bugs …

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